Diesel locomotive DR Class V 100

199 861 Elend 27.04.12 / DR Class V 100.2The diesel locomotive DR Class V 100 (from 1970: class 110) is a locomotive for medium service on the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

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For the narrow-gauge railway in the Harz mountains, ten locomotives of the type DR Class V 100.2 with an 800 serial number – the number remained unchanged – were converted to metre gauge. Since then they have been listed as class 199.8 and replaced the steam locomotives used there. The Deutsche Reichsbahn initially planned a conversion/operation of thirty machines. The plan could not be implemented due to the political turnaround in the GDR and so it remained with ten converted locomotives. Since an axle load of only 10 tons was permissible, the installation of three-axle bogies was necessary. The installation of an additional axle per bogie also changed the axle formula from B’B’ to C’C’. The bogie frames also carried the traction and buffing gear.

Details of the diesel locomotive DR Class V 100.2

Manufacturer: Raw Stendal (conversion)
Length: 13,560 mm
Numbering: 199 861,
199 871,
199 872,
199 874,
199 877,
199 892
Weight: 10.7 t
Years of construction: 1988 - 1990
Top speed: 50 km/h
Retirement: 4 pieces 1998 to Adtranz
(Reconstruction to standard gauge)
Fuel supply: 2500 l diesel
Axle formula: C'C'
Number: 10
Power: 900 kW
Brake: single-release Knorr air brake
Train heating:Steam
Gauge: 1000 mm (metre gauge)
Interesting facts
The diesel locomotive BR V 100.2 belongs to the type C''C''. It has three driving axles coupled together in each of two different frame bogies.

More interesting facts

DR Class 199 1993, the vehicles designated as “Harz camel” reached the newly founded Harz narrow-gauge railway (HSB). In the 1192 redesignation plan, the new main number 299.1 (299 110 to 299 119) was still planned. Three locomotives were modernized at ADtranz in 1998. Four no longer needed locomotives were sold and rebuilt to standard gauge.

The locomotives modernized by ADtranz were fitted with radio remote controls and two of them with additional folding, raised side buffers and standard gauge screw couplings for rolling stock. All three are still in service today. They are used universally, i.e. they are used in shunting service, in freight transport, for snow-clearing services or as replacement locomotives in front of passenger trains. The other three, which have no radio remote control, were switched off due to lack of demand.

In 2016, the following locomotives were present at the Harzer Schmalspurbahn or at ADtranz:

199 861: modernised ADtranz (operational), reserve in Wernigerode
199 871: parked in Wernigerode-Westerntor
199 872: modernised ADtranz (operational), shunting service in Wernigerode
199 874: modernised ADtranz (operational), reserve in Nordhausen
199,877: shut down in Nordhausen
199 892: parked in Wernigerode-Westerntor