Locomotive Class 01

01-164-DDMIn the years 1950 – 1951 5 machines were converted by the German Federal Railways. These included the Class 01 042, 01 046, 01 112, 01 154 and 01 192. During the conversion work, Henschel mixing preheaters from Heinl and turbo feed pumps were added.

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01 066 – The oldest locomotive in service is the Class 01 066 built by BMAG in 1928, which was in service with the Deutsche Reichsbahn until 1977 (among others as 01 2066-7) and served as a heating locomotive at the VEB Waschmittelwerk Genthin in Nauen until 1989. It was not adapted to the last delivery series and thus retained its small bogie wheels and the original load compensation. The 01 066 was completed at the Meinngen steam locomotive works on behalf of the Bavarian Railway Museum in Nördlingen and was put back into service in the summer of 1993.

Interesting facts
The steam locomotive class 01 belongs to the type 2'C 1' h2 or h3. It has 2 successive running axles united in one bogie, independent of the main frame, and 1 running axle independent of the main frame. The steam type is superheated steam and the engines have 2 or 3 cylinders.

More interesting facts

Dampflok 01 005 Staßfurt01 180 – Museum locomotive at the Bavarian Railway Museum in Nördlingen. The special technical feature of this locomotive is the new boiler. Other changes include the redesign of the front end. During the two-year renovation work by the BEM, the new tyres and the revision of the running gear were carried out by the DLW in Meiningen. Furthermore, the prescribed train control systems were installed. Since 01 December 2014, after 41 years of standstill, the locomotive is once again approved as a mainline machine on the tracks of the DB.

01 202 – The locomotive is operated by the Swiss association Pacific 01 202. The locomotive was last used by the DB and owned Witteblech and an old building boiler. It lost the front skirt, however. After it was taken out of service in 1975, the locomotive was rebuilt and made operational again in 20 years with a great deal of personal initiative. During the reconstruction it received a red stripe on the tender at the height of the circulation plate. The Class 01 202 is stationed in Lyss and is used on the complete Swiss standard gauge rail network. During the main inspection in 2013, the locomotive was upgraded with PZB and GSM-R at DLW Meiningen. It can now also be used on German lines. The red colour strip and the Pacific logo on the tender were removed during the main inspection.

01 509 – The owner and operator of the Rekolok is Pressnitztalbahn GmbH. The Class 01 509 has an oil-fired main light and a dockable additional tender for long-distance journeys. The steam locomotive is used in front of museum trains throughout Germany.

01 519 – Recolok of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. The owner and operator is EFZ e.V. A special feature of the locomotive is the newly developed boiler type, which is equipped with an afterburner chamber located between the firebox and the boiler shell. In this way a better energy yield of the fuels coal and oil could be achieved. Further improvements are the partial recovery of the exhaust steam from the cylinders, air pump, turbo feed pump and alternator. Furthermore, the surface preheater was replaced by a mixing preheater system. Chassis modifications, including changes to the wheel sets, were also made, as well as an offset of fittings and auxiliary equipment for better maintenance and care, and the entire lighting system was revised. The wind deflector plates on the boiler apex were also fitted parallel to the boiler and frame. The large Wagner wind deflector plates were replaced by smaller plates developed in Eastern Europe.

Unoperational locomotives of class 01

Locomotives not in service

01 005 – Parked in the Dresden Transport Museum. Steam locomotive of the Deutsche Reichsbahn and in the condition after adjustment to first series deliveries.
01 008 – First 01 in DB version put into service with centre plates, old building boiler, equalizing lever like later series locomotives. Stored in the railway museum Bochum-Dahlhausen.
01 024 – first part donator, BEM Nördlingen
01 111 – is located in the German Steam Locomotive Museum Neumarkt It has old building boilers, Wagner wind deflectors, DB new building cylinders and tender 2’2′ T 32
01 118 – The 01 118 was the only one of its series in service from 1934 to 2019. After the Second World War it was in service with the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Since 1981 it belongs to the Historical Railway Frankfurt. It was sold to the entrepreneur martin Viessmann in 2013. This also made the general inspection possible. The Class 01 118 was still made available for use. The special thing about the locomotive is that it is still largely original. It was used for museum train rides until 03 August 2019. On 04 August it was transferred to the private museum of martin Viessmann and was parked as still operational. The machine could theoretically be operated until March 2021. Since the line and thus the siding to the private museum was devalued by the DB (reduction of the axle and metre load), the locomotive cannot return to service under its own power. It would also not be possible to transfer it for repair or general inspection. It is therefore unlikely that it can remain in service.
01 137 – Museum locomotive de DR/DB. The vehicle is largely in its original condition and is housed in the railway museum Bw Dresden-Altstadt.
01 150 – The 01 150 also belongs to the DB AG. It has been in service since August 2012 and will be ready for operation after its new boiler approval by the EBA. It was completely refurbished by DLW Meiningen in September 2011. At the request of the sponsor, Märklin Wagner wind deflectors and a wide front apron for marketing purposes had been provided. The boiler in the old building, which could no longer be refurbished, was replaced by a replica boiler. This also delayed the EBA’s approval for commissioning until August 2012. In September 2012 the Wagner wind deflectors and the front apron were replaced again. It now again corresponds to the operating condition of the Bundesbank era before its decommissioning. On 23 May 2013, it was handed over to the operating service at the Meiningen steam locomotive works at a ceremony. After final acceptance by the EBA, the locomotive was based at the SEH Heilbronn. From 01 January 2016 it was housed in the museum railway depot in Hanau. It was looked after and operated by the Joachim Schmidt Foundation and the Nuremberg Transport Museum on behalf of Deutsche Bahn AG. The EJS ceased to be the operator in 2020. The steam engine was taken out of service in 1973 and came into private hands (silk embroidery). It was reconditioned in 1982 and is now operational again. For the anniversary “150 years German Railway” in 1985, it was allowed to return to the tracks of the state railway. After expiry of the time limits it was parked in the engine shed of the Bw Nürnberg Hbf. In 2005 it was severely damaged in a major fire. According to the DB AG, the reconditioning of the destroyed locomotive cost about one million Euros. This was offset by donations, among other things. At the beginning of 2020, damage to the wheel tyres was discovered. The costs for new tyres would be in the six-digit range. One tries to finance this by collecting donations. In this way it could return to active service in 2021.
01 164 – The locomotive is in private hands. It has been preserved in DB design (Wittebleche, with new boiler). It was initially housed in the DB Museum in Lichtenfels and since September 2014 in the German Steam Locomotive Museum in Neumarkt-Wirsberg.
01 173 – The machine was stored in Berlin for a long time before it was given on loan to the Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde. At the moment the locomotive is in the South German Railway Museum in Heilbronn for refurbishment. It is in DB design (centre plates, old building boiler, front skirt)
01 204 – The vehicle is in private hands, located at the Hermeskeil Steam Locomotive Museum, largely in original design (ex DR)
01 220 – The locomotive was built in 1937 by Henschel & Sohn with the road number 23468. In 1969 it was equipped with a new boiler and centre plates. The steam locomotive was taken out of service in 1968 and since 17 July 1969 has been erected as a technical monument to the 100th anniversary of the railway in Treuchtlingen.

Received locomotive parts

01 044 – Preserved are remains of the first boiler with boiler plate (later used for 01 050). The parts are in private hands in Unkel am Rhein.
01 088 – In the railway depot Hof there are three driving wheel sets as well as connecting rods, as a monument.
01 114 – In the steam locomotive works Meiningen there was a driving wheel set as a monument, which has been exchanged with a driving wheel set of 01 202 in the meantime.