DR Class 243 - The locomotive from the LEW in Hennigsdorf

DR Class 243 - the locomotive for passenger traffic and medium-heavy freight traffic

The series 243 was a former locomotive of the German Reichsbahn, which was manufactured by the company LEW in Hennigsdorf near Berlin. It was designed as a locomotive for passenger and medium goods traffic and has a continuous output of 3500 kW, which is generated by 4 engines. The permanent tensile force is 128 kN. The DR Class 243 was manufactured from 1984 to 1990 and was a sister model of the proven series 250 (today class 155), a heavy and powerful locomotive with a top speed of 160 KM / h. The first electric locomotive of the 243 series was named “White Lady” because of its color and can still be found today in the works of the LEW. Today the company LEW belongs to AEG.

Details of DR Class 243

Manufacturer: LEW-Hennigsdorf
Length: 16,640 mm
Numbering: 243 001-370
243 551-662
(the last three
rebuilt after accidents of
machines of the number series
243 801-973
(the last five
rebuilt after accidents of machines
of the number series 001-370
Weight: 82.5 t
Years of construction: 1982
1984-1991 (series)
Top speed: 120 km/h
Retirement: since 2008
Propulsion:LEW conical ring spring
Traction motors: 4
Number: 646 + 1 prototype
Power:3500 kW
Power system: 15 kV 16.7 Hz ~
Attractive force: 240 kN
Train protection:PZ 80/LZB I 80/I 60 R/PZB 90 V. 1.6
Brake: KE-GPR-E mZ,
block brake,
electrodynamic brake,
2200 kW continuous power
Axle formula: Bo'Bo'
Interesting facts
The electric locomotive DR Class 243 belongs to the locomotives with the axle formula Bo'Bo'. With the axle formula Bo'Bo', two individually driven axles were and are used in each of two different frame bogies.

More interesting facts

Use of the DR Class 243

The locomotive was used as a passenger and freight locomotive of the Reichsbahn and also lent to other railway companies. In 1990, the German Federal Railways rented 150 of these locomotives due to a lack of locomotives for local traffic. These locomotives were mainly used for regional and local traffic. Some copies were also used as a train for the S-Bahn. These were painted in the former S-Bahn colors orange and light gray.

The German railway baptized 1992 the locomotive in the series 143. In addition to the German railway, the Swiss Southeast Railway (SBO) also used this locomotive. In Germany, the DR Class 243 or 143 is still used today in regional traffic. The contrast between modern double-decker cars and the angular, noisy DR Class 243 series catches the eye. However, these locomotives are very reliable and will be in service for a few years for the regional trains of the German railway.