Steam locomotive class 01

Noerdlingen Eisenbahnmuseum 1587 / steam locomotive class 0101 066 – The oldest locomotive in service is the 01 066 built by BMAG in 1928, which was in service with the Deutsche Reichsbahn until 1977 (among others as 01 2066-7) and served as a heating locomotive at the VEB Waschmittelwerk Genthin in Nauen until 1989.

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In the years 1950 – 1951 5 machines were converted by the German Federal Railways. These included the 01 042, 01 046, 01 112, 01 154 and 01 192. During the conversion work, Henschel mixing preheaters from Heinl and turbo feed pumps were added. Furthermore, combustion chambers were installed in the boilers. To complete the conversion work, the Wagner wind deflectors were replaced by Witte deflectors. Despite their smaller dimensions, the Witte plates were just as effective as the Wagner wind deflectors. Four of the five rebuilt locomotives remained in operation until 1968. The fifth was equipped with a new boiler.

Interesting facts
The steam locomotive class 01 belongs to the type 2'C 1' h2 or h3. It has 2 successive running axles united in one bogie, independent of the main frame, and 1 running axle independent of the main frame. The steam type is superheated steam and the engines have 2 or 3 cylinders.

More interesting facts

Steam locomotive Class 01 - conversions from 1957 (DB)

From 1957 onwards, another 50 steam locomotives class 01 were converted by the German Federal Railways. The vehicles were fitted with welded high-performance boilers, which were already used in the 01.10 series. Each of the boilers consisted of two shots. A new mixing preheating system was installed in the smoke chamber and several slide bearings were replaced by roller bearings. The running and drive mechanisms also underwent some improvements.

Further changes were made to the cylinder block and the circulation. External differences from the old design were the lower chimney with a large diameter and the omission of a feed dome. The removal of the front skirt and the modification of the frame parts gave the locomotives a more massive appearance. For safety reasons the sand domes were replaced by sand boxes on the inside of the circulation plates. Furthermore all locomotives got a side draught hot steam regulator.

All rebuilt vehicles kept their operating numbers. The mist boiler of the 01 122 involved in the accident was installed in the 01 131 locomotive and thus became the 51st rebuilt locomotive.

Steam locomotive Class 01 - Recolocomotive 01.5 (DR)

DR 01.5 Bebra 1972In the RAW (Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk) Meiningen steam locomotives class 01 were reconstructed for the German Reichsbahn from 1962. A total of 35 vehicles were reconstructed under the direction of the VES-M Halle. As with the DB, only locomotives with reinforced brakes (01 102) were selected. As part of the reconstruction, the machines were fitted with new wind deflectors from Baurt Witte with bevelled edges. In addition, a new driver’s cab, a new higher boiler, which was equipped with a combustion chamber and a mixing preheater, and a Trofimoff valve. In addition there was a continuous cladding of the domes. On some Rekoloks you can find a short circulation skirt. In eight locomotives, including the 01 502, 504, 508, 509, 511, 513, 517 and 518, the wheels used up to then were replaced by Boxpok wheels. The boxpok wheels are already familiar from the steam locomotives from the USA and the USSR. In addition, half of the vehicles were equipped with an oil main firing system.