DRG Class SVT 137 also known as DR 183 railcar

DR 183 railcar - a further development of the legendary Flying Hamburg car

In 1933, as a further development of the legendary flying hamburger, a new diesel high-speed railcar was developed, which had a top speed of 160 km/h. In the German Reichsbahn the railcar was designated as DRG class SVT 137 according to the type Hamburg. These vehicles were to reach star-shaped Berlin from the long-distance destinations.

From 1935, the DRG Class SVT 137 railcar between Berlin and Cologne and Berlin and Frankfurt am Main was used. There were also paired traction. These fast-railcars VT 04 were considered to be the fastest trains in the world until the beginning of World War II. Special feature was the sweeping blue-beige paint and the rounded power cars. While after the war, the remaining five trains were marked as Class SVT 137 at the German Federal Railways, most trains were from 1958 in the possession of the German Reichsbahn of the GDR. Here you were marked as a railcar Class SVT 137.

Details of DRG Class SVT 137

Manufacturer: WUMAG, AEG, SSW
Length: 44,765 mm
Numbering:DR: SVT 137 149-152,

DB: VT 04 101,
102, 106-107
and 501

DR: 183 001-003
and 183 252
Weight: 99.3 - 101.5 t (occupied)
Years of construction: 1935 - 1936
Top speed: 160 km/h
Retirement: 1983
Number: 13
Power: 2x 302 kW (2x 410 hp)
Engine type:2x Maybach GO 5
Fuel Supply:2x 990 l
Axle formula: 2'Bo'2'
Grade: B 6 VT
Seats: 77 + 4
in the refreshment room
Brake:Compressed air brake
Hildebrandt-Knorr type
Interesting facts
The railcar DRG Class SVT 137 belongs to the construction type 2'Bo'2'. In the construction type 2'Bo'2' two, in a movable bogie united running axles, two individually driven axles in a motor bogie, as well as two, in a movable bogie united running axles, are installed

More interesting facts

The railcar DRG Class SVT 137 series - homestays and roadworthiness

The railcars were powered by a central Jakobs bogie in each car part with a power of 302 kW. Overall, the train was only equipped with seats for the 2nd class. By 1983, almost all railcars were put out of service. Only the 183 252 was initially prepared as a saloon railcar for GDR heads of state and then came from 1975 in the museum driving. Its location is today the Leipzig main station, where it can be visited on track 24.

In 2008, three of these historic railcars were exhibited for the 100th anniversary of the Delitzsch rail vehicle factory. Some railcars Class SVT 137 operated for a long time in Czechoslovakia their service.