The steam locomotive DRG Class 01 belongs to the type 2'C 1 'h2 or h3. It has 2 consecutive, united in a bogie, independent of the main frame axles, and 1 independent from the main frame barrel axis. The steam type is superheated steam and the machines have 2 or 3 cylinders.

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The steam locomotive DRG class 01 was first built in 1925 by the companies AEG and Borsig, later also by the companies Krupp, Henschel, Hohenzollern and BMAG. By the year 1938, a total of 231 copies of DRG class 01 were delivered to the Deutsche Reichsbahn. These steam locomotives were used in fast passenger traffic. The first mass-produced locomotive was with a top speed of 120 km/h, which was later increased to 130 km/h, the strongest German express train locomotive design. The two-cylinder machines were also relatively economical in consumption and so was here, the steam locomotive of the DRG class 01 at the absolute top position.

Details of the steam locomotive DRG class 01

  • Manufacturer: AEG, Borsig, Henschel,BMAG, Hohenzollern
  • Length: 23.940 mm
  • Numbering: various
  • Weight: 108,9t
  • Years of Construction: 1925-1938
  • Top speed: 120/130 km/h forward, 50/80 km/h backward
  • Retired: 1982
  • Fuel supply: 10,0t hard coal
  • Water supply: 30.0/32.0/34.0 m³
  • Number: 231
  • Power: 1648 kW (2240 PS)
  • Train heating: steam
  • Boiler overpressure: 16 bar

The conversion of the steam locomotive DRG class 01

Until its withdrawal in 1982, the DRG class 01 was rebuilt several times. The first modifications took place in the years 1950 to 1957 by the German Federal Railroad. Complementing were combustion chambers in the boiler, mixing preheater and turbo feed pumps. The larger wind deflectors were replaced by smaller Witte plates, which gave the locomotive crew a much better track view. The second conversions of the steam locomotive Class 01 took place in the years 1957 to 1961 also by the DB. During this time around 50 of the DRG class 01 were converted. New mixing preheaters and welded high-performance steam boilers, as well as rolling bearings instead of plain bearings, were added. Due to many changes to the chimney, circulation, front apron and cylinder block, the steam locomotive looked completely different.

Many copies of the steam locomotive Class 01 are preserved as museum exhibits. The Transport Museum in Dresden, the Railway Museum in Bochum, the Bavarian Railway Museum in Nördlingen and the Railway Museum Dresden-Altstadt are just a few of the locations to be named.

A few of the locomotives have been preserved as serviceable models to this day. The 01 202 is based in Lyss and is used throughout the Swiss standard gauge rail network. The 01 118 belongs to the Historical Railway Frankfurt and is regularly used for museum trips and the 01 066 is located in the Bavarian Railway Museum in Nördlingen, from where regular special trips take place.