DR Class VT 18.16 / The History of the Railcar Class 175

Railcar DR Class VT 18.16 or Class 175

Under the name DR Class VT 18.16, the diesel-hydraulic fast train was built in 1963 for the first time by the VEB Waggonbau Görlitz in the GDR. The abbreviation VT stands for combustion railcars, the 18 for a total of 1,800 hp and the 16 for a maximum speed up to 160 km / h. From 1970, the type Görlitz ran under the name railcar DR Class VT 18.16. A total of eight railcars of this type were built.

This railcar was at the time to compete with the Trans-Europ Express VT 11.5 of the German Federal Railways. These vehicles were used primarily for international traffic to Austria, Scandinavia and Czechoslovakia. The railcar BR 175 was quite famous under the name Vindobona on the route from Prague to Vienna. Under sonorous train names reversed this train

– as Berlinaren from Berlin to Malmö,
– as Karlex from Berlin to Carlsbad,
– as Karola from Leipzig to Carlsbad,
– as Neptune from Berlin to Copenhagen,
– as Vindobona from Berlin via Prague to Vienna and
– as Sorb Express from Berlin to Bautzen.

Details of DR Class VT 18.16

Manufacturer: VEB Waggonbau Görlitz
Length: 98 060 mm (four-piece)
121 580 mm (five-piece)
145 100 mm (six-piece)
Numbering: DR VT 18.16 01-08
DR 175 001-019
DB AG 675 014-019
Weight: 214.4 t (four-car)
255.2 t (five-car)
296.0 t (six-car)
Years of construction: 1963 (prototype) and
1965 - 1968
Top speed: 160 km/h
(four- and five-piece)

140 km/h (six-piece)
Retirement: 2003
Number: 8
Power: 2x 736 kW (1800 hp)
Engine type: 2x 12 KVD 18/21
Propulsion: diesel hydraulic
Train heating: air/water
Train protection: Sifa, I60
Axle formula: B'2'+2'2'+2'B'
Seats: 140 + 23 (four-piece)
Interesting facts
The DR Class VT 18.16 railcar belongs to the B'2'+2'2'+2'B' construction type. The type B'2'+2'2'+2'2'+2'B' has two driving axles independent of the main frame running coupled together in one bogie, two running axles united in one movable bogie, followed twice by two running axles united in one movable bogie, as well as two running axles united in one movable bogie and two driving axles independent of the main frame running coupled together in one bogie.

More interesting facts

Today's residence and roadworthiness of the railcar DR Class VT 18.16

The railcar DR Class VT 18.16 was retired in the late 80s. At the beginning of the 90s, there was only one operational unit that was on the way as a DR train. In 1992, the train was renamed the new Class number 675. In 2003, this vehicle was finally put out of service and included in the stock of the railway museum of the DB. In July 2014, this railcar finally came to the railway association OHKB e.V. Ketzin. Another, non-operational unit is located at the Berlin-Lichtenberg station, where it is maintained by the BSW leisure group. As a so-called youth club train Ernst Thälmann another railcar unit in the railway museum Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf is maintained. About the whereabouts of two more DR Class VT 18.16 are no longer available. It is known that one of these trains was seriously damaged in Velten.

360° Tour in VT 18.16 (BR 175) & VT 11.5 (TEE)

The VT 18.16 (BR 175) was exhibited together with the VT 11.5 (TEE) on the open-air grounds of the DB Museum in Nuremberg. The railcars could be seen from the inside as well as from the outside. If you missed the chance to have a look at these two railcars, you can now enjoy the 360° tour provided by us. We hope you enjoy the tour.

Railcar BR 175 - 360° Tour

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