DB Class V 60 - The shunting locomotive of the DB

The diesel locomotive V 60 and its manufacturers

The diesel locomotive Class V 60 was developed at the beginning of the 1950s for the shunting service of the German Federal Railroad. There was one lighter and one heavy version of the 260 series. From the lighter version of the diesel locomotive DB Class V 60 were built a total of 623 copies, of the heavy version 319 pieces.

The manufacturers were MaK, Krupp, Henschel, Krauss-Maffei, Jung, MF Esslingen, Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz and Gmeinder. The 260 series was manufactured from 1955 to 1963 and had standard gauge (1,435 mm). The length over buffer was 10,450 mm, the height 4,540 mm, the service mass was 53 t. With the installed power of 650 hp a top speed of 60 km / h was achievable.

Details of DB Class V 60

Manufacturer: Mak, Krupp,
Henschel, Krauss-Maffei,
Jung, MF Esslingen,
Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz, Gmeinder
Length: 10450 mm
Numbering: V 60 001-1241,
with gaps
Weight: 48.3 t - 49.5 t
53.0 t*
Years of construction: 1955 - 1963
Top speed: 60 km/h
Retirement: 2003 Locomotives without remote control
1500 - 1800 l diesel
Attractive force: 117.6 kN (shunting gear: 159 kN)
132.3 kN (shunting gear: 178 kN) *
Number: 942,
of which 319 heavy-duty type*
Power: 480 kW
hydrodynamic and mechanical
Engine type: MTU GTO 6 or GTO 6A,
Caterpillar 3412E DI-TTA**
Train heater: electric
Train protection: I 60
Axle formula:C
Brake: Knorr

*later 261 **362/363

Interesting facts
The diesel locomotive DB Class V 60 belongs to the construction type C and thus has three driven axles in the main frame.

More interesting facts

The DB Class V 60 - use and whereabouts of the vehicles

Until about 1982, the vehicles were as small shunting locomotives in use of the DB. However, they also moved light freight and passenger trains. After the installation of radio remote controls in various vehicles of the series in the 1980s, these were renamed in series 262 and 263. Until early 2003, all locomotives were decommissioned without radio remote control. In 2012, about 200 of the vehicles equipped with radio control were still in use at DB Schenker Rail. However, other vehicles are currently still operating in Algeria, Yugoslavia and Turkey. More than 70 locomotives are currently privately owned in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Series DB Class V 60 (Voith Gravita 10 BB)

The diesel locomotive DB Class V 60, however, also refers to the 165 diesel-hydraulic locomotives of the Voith Gravita 10 BB series, which have been in service with the Deutschen Bundesbahn since 2008.

Use and design features

These vehicles also act as shunting locomotives. They are 15,720 mm long and 4,273 mm high. Your service mass is 67.5 t. 18 other vehicles are operated in the Federal Republic by the rental company Northrail, 5 locomotives of this series currently operate in Switzerland.