The steam locomotive DRG Class 93 was built between 1927 and 1931, among others by the company Floridsdorf. The Series 93 is a superheated steam tender locomotive, which was for use on the intended branch lines. They should be stronger than the Gölsdorfsche series 178 and serve as a substitute for many other older series. The locomotive received the axle formula 1’D1 ‘. Unlike other series, you started immediately with the series production and renounced the construction of a prototype locomotive.

The BBÖ took until 1931 167 steam locomotive Class 93 in operation. From 1938 were taken at the Deutsche Reichsbahn as 93 1301 – 1467 in operation. In 1941, the Slovakian State Railway ordered 25 copies in slightly modified form and put them into service under the designation 431.0. After end of war the locomotives remained with the CSD.

Details zur DRG Class 93

Manufacturer: Floridsdorf, StEG,
Wr. Neustadt, Krauss/Linz
Length: 11960 mm
Numbering: BBÖ 378.01-167,
WLB 74,
JDŽ 53-001-028,
ÖBB 93.1301-1500 (with gaps)
Weight: 66.0 t
Years of construction: 1927-1931 (BBÖ),
1944 SŽ,
1944 (WLB)
Top speed: 60 km/h
Retirement: 1982 (ÖBB)
Fuel supply: 3 t hard coal
Water supply: 10.0 m³
Number: BBÖ: 167
SŽ/ČSD: 25
WLB: 1
JDŽ:28 (from BBÖ)
Power: 700 PSi
Brake: Vacuum brake,
Knorr compressed
air auxiliary brake
14 bar
Axis formula: 1'D1'h2t
Interesting facts
The steam locomotive DRG Class 93 belongs to the type 1'D1' h2t and has four coupled driving wheel sets in the main frame and with one movable 1-axle bogie each front and rear. The steam type is hot, as well as dry steam and it has 2 cylinders.

More interesting facts

Whereabouts of the steam locomotive series 93 after World War II

During World War II, 11 steam locomotives DRG Class 93 were lost and 28 units came, partly as reparations, to the JDZ in Yugoslavia. Thus, the ÖBB had 128 copies. The 93er were in the entire branch line network of the ÖBB in use. The steam locomotive DRG Class 93 was the last standard gauge steam locomotive class in the stock of ÖBB. Some copies remained until 1982, and thus beyond the official end, as a strategic reserve received.

There are still the following locomotives of the DRG Class 93:

» 93.1326 (ÖGEG)
» 93.1332 (NBiK)
» 93.1335 (Waldviertler Eisenbahnmuseum Sigmundsherberg)
» 93.1360 (Eurovapor, Wutachtalbahn)
» 93.1364 (Denkmal am Bahnhof Ernstbrunn)
» 93.1378 (Kuckucksbähnel Neustadt/ Weinstraße als 378.78)
» 93.1379 (Denkmal Bhf. Schwarzach-St. Veit)
» 93.1394 (ÖGEG)
» JDŽ 53-003 (Denkmal Rogatec)
» JDŽ 53-017 (Murska Sobota SZ Denkmal)
» JDŽ 53-019 (Naklo Denkmal)
» 93.1403 (ErlebnisWeltBahn – Eisenbahnmuseum Strasshof)
» 93.1410 (Landeseisenbahn Lippe e.V., Extertalbahn)
» 93.1420 (Verein Neue Landesbahn, Heimatbahnhof Mistelbach/Zaya)
» 93.1421 (Waldviertler Eisenbahnmuseum Sigmundsherberg)
» 93.1422 (Denkmallok in Absdorf)
» 93.1434 (Martinsberger Lokalbahnverein, Zwettl, Niederösterreich)
» 93.1455 (ÖGEG)
» ČSD 431.014 (Eisenbahnmuseum Vrútky).