The diesel locomotive DB Class 216 belongs to the type B'B'. In the B'B' type, two bogies coupled with each other are installed, each with two coupled wheelsets.

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The diesel locomotive DB [amazon_textlink asin=’B01C4DM0GM’ text=’Class 216′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’eisenbfrbln-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’797662d9-d3d0-11e8-b544-6501ecf7baf1′] of the Deutsche Bahn AG is the first variant of the prototype V 160, which was developed after the Second World War by the German Federal Railways as a single engine large diesel locomotive and was used in the medium-heavy line service. From time to time a whole cluster of more than 800 specimens emerged from the V 160, the different variants of which were introduced in the model series scheme of Deutsche Bahn introduced in 1968 under the serial numbers 210, 215, 216, 217, 218 and 219. The diesel locomotive DB Class 216 has been known since 1968 under the short name “Baureihe 216”. Due to conversions two more series were added later, namely the series 225 and the series 226, which is based on the series 216. The 1960 standardized prototypes 216 001 to 216 009 and the single piece 216 010, which was regrettably scrapped, optically depart from the production vehicles 216 011 to 216 224. In the production vehicles was dispensed with the rounded front end, which identifies the pre-series locomotives. The first examples of the diesel locomotive DB Class 216 was given the nickname Lollo by the railwaymen in the style of the then world-famous Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida. From the proven prototypes, the most successful DB diesel locomotive was developed.

Details of the DB Class 216

  • Manufacturer: Krupp, KHD, Henschel, Krauss-Maffei, MaK
  • Length: 16000 mm
  • Numbering: Various
  • Weight: 76,7 t
  • Years of construction: 1964 - 1968
  • Top speed: Overdrive: 120 km/h, Slow speed: 80 km/h
  • Retirement: 2003
  • Fuel supply: 2700 l Diesel
  • Attractive force: 240 / 170 kN
  • Numbers: 224
  • Power: 1400 kW
  • Engin type: MTU MB 16 V 652 TB 10
  • Train heating: steam
  • Power transmission: hydraulic

The use of the diesel locomotive DB Class 216 from 1979 - 1983

From 1979 to 1983, the diesel locomotive DB Class 216 was used to tow heavy freight trains through the Ruhr. Like almost all Deutsche Bahn railroad locomotives, it is – in contrast to the locomotives of the Deutsche Reichsbahn – capable of double-traction, which makes it possible, in particular, to have a relatively precise performance tuning. For example, it could be operated together with the most powerful class 218, which is still in use today on many non-electrified lines of Deutsche Bahn AG, both in passenger and local traffic, as well as in express train and freight traffic. Since 1968, the diesel locomotives of the DB Class 216 are located in the so-called Bw Ulm Rbf, the railway depot of the Ulm shunting yard, which is still in operation today.