The steam locomotive DRG [amazon_textlink asin=’3895807168′ text=’Class 18 201 ‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’eisenbfrbln-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’a937778c-ca27-11e8-9b08-3f0ea6880bde’]was built in 1961 in the Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk Meiningen as the last steam locomotive produced in Germany. To be able to test passenger cars for export with 160 km / h top speed, the Reichsbahn needed a suitable locomotive. Existing and proven assemblies have been assembled. In general one could say: everything had already happened, but unique in this composition. Steam Locomotive DRG Class 18 201 was built from the chassis of the Henschel Wegmann locomotive 61 002, which dragged after 1945 for a short time special trains and the special car of the Minister of Transport before it was converted into the steam locomotive Class 18 201. The 18 201 series also originated from the outer cylinders of the test locomotive H 45 024 and the Rekokessel used for the 03.10 and the 44 468 tender. The steam locomotive has an output of 1160 kW, a length over buffers of 25,145 mm and a service mass of 113, 6 t. In the color scheme, it was decided for a medium green paint. Only one copy of the series was produced.

Details of the DRG class 18 201

Manufacturer: RAW Meiningen
Length: 25,145 mm
Numbering: 18 201
02 0201-0 (from 1970)
Weight: 113.6 t
Year of construction: 1961
Top speed: 180 km/h
Fuel supply: 13.5 m³ oil
Water supply: 34.0 m³
Number: 1
Power: 1,581 kW
Train heating:Steam
16.3 bar
Grade: S 36.20
Type: 2'C1' h3
Interesting facts
The DRG class 18 201 belongs, like the 01, to the type 2'C 1' h3. They have 2 successive running axles united in one bogie, independent of the main frame, and 1 running axle supported by the main frame. The steam type is superheated steam and the engine 3 cylinders.

More interesting facts

Use and testing of the steam locomotive DRG Class 18 201

For the first time, the locomotive was tested on the route Frankfurt (Oder) and Fangschleuse, where 160 km / h were measured. In November of the same year, the steam locomotive DRG Class 18 201 reached a top speed of 176 km / h on the railway test ring in Prague-Velim. In addition to the test drives, the machine mastered demanding scheduled journeys in front of fast trains. In 1972, the steam locomotive was retired after 10 years of operation and finally sold to the Historical Railway Frankfurt am Main. Since then, the DRG Class 18 201 series has been exhibited in the Sinsheim Auto and Technik Museum. Most recently completed Class 18 201 on 04.06.2011 with a five-car fast train a long-distance trip from Leipzig to the railway museum Darmstadt-Kranichstein and back. Apart from the Spessart and Frankenwald ramp driven with thrust support, the approx. 900 km long distance was trouble-free.