044 149 with Dg 6776 passing Langeland on 10.03.1973.
044 149 with Dg 6776     
44 0093 with just this "Lg3" behind the exit of Zella-Mehlis, at 18:15h on 08.02.1997.
44 0093 with just this Lg3     

DRG Class 44 The steam locomotive DRG Class 44 built in the years 1926 – 1949 with a quantity of 1,989 copies is still today with 3 still locomotives locomotive a heavy, 5-speed coupled freight train unit steam locomotive with triple engine. With its 3 cylinders, it was used for the carriage of goods trains on medium-haul roads with a total load of 1,200 t and over steep ramps 600 t could be moved. For testing, 10 steam locomotives with a net weight of 110.2 t of the steam locomotive DRG [amazon_textlink asin=’3870940905′ text=’Class 44′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’eisenbfrbln-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’46769172-d212-11e8-9319-f304bdcb15d9′] were built first. Since these could not produce sufficient steam, after 1937 a further 1,979 pieces of the steam locomotive DRG Class 44 were manufactured, which were converted from coal to oil starting from 1958. When operating with oil, tough, almost cold heavy oil was preheated to about 70°C in the tender, thus it was flowable and atomized by a jet of steam in the combustion chamber and burned. During the Second World War, from 1942, there were war-related simplifications of the construction. So you renounced in this time on spoilers and i. E. also the respective front cab side window. After the war, these reductions were reversed.

Details of DRG class 44

Manufacturer: various
Length: 22620 mm
Numbering: various
Weight: 110.2 t
Years of construction: 1926 - 1949
Top speed: 80/70 km/h forwards /
50 km/h astern
Retirement: DB: 1962 / DR: 1988
Fuel supply: 10.0 t coal or
12 m³ oil (conversion 2'2' T 34)
Water supply: 32.0 / 34.0 m³
Number: 1989
Grade: G 56.20
Type: 1'E h3
Power: 1405 kW (coal) /
1545 kW (oil)
Tender: 2'2' T 32/34,
some also with tub tender
16 bar
14 bar (44 001-010)
Interesting facts
The DRG class 44 freight locomotives belong to the 1'E h3 type. They have 1 running axle independent of the main frame, and 5 driven running axles in the main frame. The steam type is superheated steam and the locomotives have 3 cylinders.

More interesting facts

The preservation and roadworthiness of the DRG Class 44

The steam locomotive DRG Class 44 was and is roadworthy on the standard gauge and reached in forward gear the maximum speed of 80 km/h and when reversing 50 km/h. With its impressive length of 22.6 meters and a height of 4.55 meters, it has a fuel supply of 10.0 tons of coal and 32 cubic meters of water with it. The last copies of the DRG Class 44 coal were retired in May 1977 in Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck. Each 1-locomotive is in the traditional plant Staßfurt, in the Bavarian Railway Museum and in Veluwschen Stoomtrein Maatschappij, Beekbergen / NL. Non-roadworthy, but still worth seeing individual pieces can be found in the railway depot Arnstadt, in the Eisenbahnerlebniswelt Horb am Neckar, in the Saxon Railway Museum Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf, in the railway museum Darmstadt-Kranichstein, on the station forecourt Emden and a monument in Altenbeken. Original parts of the steam locomotive BR 44 are exhibited and looked at all over the world.