The tender locomotives DRG Class 89 belong to the type 1'E 1' h2. They have 1 independent axle from the main frame and 5 coupled axles mounted in the main frame, as well as 1 rear axle independent of the main frame. The steam is hot steam and the locomotives have 2 cylinders.

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The steam locomotive DRG [amazon_textlink asin=’B01N4WRADC’ text=’Class 95′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’eisenbfrbln-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’9047b80a-d217-11e8-9816-534a5dfaf4ac’] was built from 1922 to 1924 by the manufacturers Borsig and Hanomag. The DRG Class 95 is a five-engined tender locomotive with the wheel arrangement 1’E1 ‘. It was put into operation by the DR from the beginning of 1923 onwards for heavy freight trains on steep main railways. Since it was still developed by the Prussian state railway, it is also called Prussian T 20.

The first 10 machines were built in 1922 at Borsig under chief designer August Meier and delivered in early 1923 as T 20 Magdeburg 9201-9210. The vehicles were first run under the company numbers 77 001 to 77 010, before they later got their company numbers 95 001 – 010. By 1924, 45 of the steam locomotives BR 95 were built, which were used, inter alia, on the railway lines Sonneberg-Probstzella, the Spessartrampe, the Frankenwaldbahn, the Geislinger Steige, the inclined plane and the Rübelandbahn.

Details of the DRG Class 95

  • Manufacturer: Borsig & Hanomag
  • Length: 15100 mm
  • Numbering: various
  • Weight: 28,9 - 31,9 t
  • Years of Construction: 1922 - 1924
  • Top speed: 65 km/h
  • Retirement: 1958 (DB); 1981 (DR)
  • Fuel supply: 4 t Hard coal
  • Water supply: 12.0 m³
  • Numbers: 45
  • Power: 1192 kW
  • Boiler overpressure: 14 bar
  • Brake: Knorr-pneumatic brake; Riggenbach counter-pressure brake

Whereabouts of the DRG Class 95 at the DB and DR

At the DB 14 units were in operation. They were, because of the small number of pieces, as a splitter genus. By 1953 were decommissioned at the DB 3 machines from which one won spare parts. The locomotives were stationed in Aschaffenburg and used as a sliding locomotive on the Spessartrampe. The last 11 locomotives of the steam locomotive DRG Class 95 fell victim to the electrification of the ramp and were retired in April 1958.

31 locomotives were in operation at the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Between 1966 and 1972, 24 were rebuilt on oil main firing, 10 more were relined. From 1970, the oil-fired 95 were designated as series 95.00 and the coal-fired as series 95.10. The last locomotives were on the route Eisfeld-Sonneberg in use and were not retired until 1981. The Dampflokgattung was the strongest of the DR procured tender locomotive. From the steam locomotive DRG Class 95 only 5 locomotives are preserved and are mostly in museums.

Received locomotives steam locomotive DRG Class 95:

»95 009 in the Bw Glauchau, as 95 0009-1 with oil firing
»95 016 in the German Steam Locomotive Museum Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg
»95 020 in the Technikmuseum Speyer (signposted 95 007)
»95 027 DB Museum, use on the Rübelandbahn by
Traditionsgemeinschaft 50 3708-0 e.V.
»95 028 in the Railway Museum Bochum, with oil firing