DRB Class 41 The Reichsbahn designed a modern multipurpose locomotive to replace the 56.20. In order to be able to drive on routes with rather weak superstructure, the steam locomotive DRB [amazon_textlink asin=’B00FON7OMA’ text=’Class 41′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’eisenbfrbln-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’2cd2153e-ca2b-11e8-9a19-9f6f49ea3766′] with four driven axles and 18 t axle load was built. Thanks to the higher boiler pressure of 20 bar and the more favorable cylinder dimensions, the series 41 clearly exceeded the performance of the 03. Unfortunately, the boiler was made of non-aging steel, which meant that the pressure had to be reduced to 16 bar as early as 1941. The steam locomotive DRB Class 41 was manufactured between 1936 and 1941, has a capacity of 1390 kW, is 23905 mm long over buffers and was produced 366 times with a service weight of 101.9 t. In addition to the new high-performance boiler, 40 Series 41 machines were fitted with an oil main firing instead of grate firing. She again increased the performance of the steam locomotive DRB Class 41. However, she could not extend this fully, because you had to lower the steam temperatures to prevent the lubricating oil film verkokte in the cylinder. Until the end of the steam age at the DB in 1977, the designated as class 042 oil-fired variant remained in existence.

Details of Dampflok BR 41

Manufacturer: various
Length: 23,905 mm
Numbering: 41 001-366
Weight: 101.9 t
Years of construction: 1937-1941
Top speed 90 km/h (forward) /
50 km/h (reverse)
Retirement: 1986
Fuel supply: 10 t hard coal
Water supply: 34.0 m³
Number: 366
Power: 1397 kW
20 bar
Interesting facts
The steam locomotive DRB class 41 belongs to the type 1'D 1' h2. It has 1 running axle independent of the main frame, and 4 driven axles mounted in the main frame, plus another running axle independent of the main frame. The steam type is superheated steam and the locomotive has 2 cylinders.

More interesting facts

DRB Class 41 - Operability from 1985

Since 1985 steam locomotive DRB Class 41 360 is operational museum locomotive. Another two years had to go into the country, before the shapely machine was allowed to roll again as the first steam locomotive in West Germany on federal railway tracks. With a top speed of 90 km / h and an output of almost 2000 hp, it is the ideal machine for special trains. 18 t axle pressure and a dome wheel diameter of only 1600 mm are ideal prerequisites for being able to drive excursion traffic on side lanes. Although the oil firing makes some circumstances when heating the locomotive, but it brings many benefits in operation. Thus, e.g. the detoxification of what is nowadays a problem at destination stations. The range also exceeds a coal-fired locomotive a lot and is located at 700 km.