DR Class 130 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn - The Ludmilla

Class 130 - The V 300 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn

The The diesel locomotive DR Series 130, also known as the “Ludmilla” or incorrectly as the “Taiga drum”, are machines that were manufactured from 1970 – 1982. The class 120 or also V 200 of the DR is called Taiga drum.The locomotives were produced by the Ukrainian company Lokomotivfabrik Voroshilovgrad (now Lugansk), which was once founded by the German merchants Gustav Hartmann and Richard Hartmann. The units were exported from the former Soviet Union to the GDR. The Deutsche Reichsbahn used the locomotives for passenger and freight transport, for example for the transport of lime and coal, as well as express train and D-train.

A total of 873 locomotives in the German Democratic Republic were used as series 130, 131, 132, and 142. The diesel locomotives DR Class 130 come to a top speed of up to 140 km / h, with an hourly output between 2200-2940 kW. The pull-in force of the diesel locomotive class 230 is 294-450 kN. After the fall of the wall in 1989, the trains of the diesel locomotive BR 230 also drove to the west all the way to Kassel, Hamburg and Cologne and supplied West Germany with a wide variety of goods. With the merger of the German Reichsbahnen, the machines of the DR Class 130 diesel locomotive were used throughout Germany, thus making an important contribution to economic growth within the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Details of DR Class 130 (V 300)

Manufacturer: Locomotive factory
Lngth: 20620 (series 130.0 u. 131)
/ 20820 mm (series 130.1, 132 u. 142)
Height: 4,590 mm
Numbering: 130 001-080, 101, 102
131 001-076
132 001-709
142 001-006
Weight: 122 - 124.7 t
Years of construction: 1970 - 1982
Top speed: 100 / 120 / 140 km/h
Retirement: 1995
Fuel supply: 6000 l diesel
Tightening force: 265 kN (BR 130/ 234),
295 kN (BR 132 /232/ 233),
336 kN (BR 131),
363 kN (BR 142),
450 kN (BR 241)
Number: 873
Power: 2200 - 2940 kW
Motor type: Kolomma 5 D 49 / 16 Tsch N 26/26
Brake:Compressed air block brake
KE-GPR-E w. Z.
Leader brake valve D5 or D2
Train heating: electric
Train safety: PZB, Sifa
Axis formula:Co'Co'
Interesting facts
The diesel locomotive DR Class 130 (V 300) belongs to the construction type Co'Co'. In the construction type Co'Co', three individually driven axles are installed in each of two different frame bogies.

More interesting facts

Construction and remaining of the diesel locomotive DR Class 130

The locomotives consist of a steel frame, which is equipped with a mounted locomotive box in sheet metal profile construction, thereby creating sufficient space for additional equipment. The power transmission of the machines is done electrically. The series is powered by a direct-injection 16-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine, which comes with a turbocharger and intercooler to a power of 2200 kW (3000 hp).

The machines were manufactured especially for the German market. Of the models, only a few could be exported, such as to Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and the USSR. Also in Bosnia-Herzegovina locomotives of the diesel locomotive DR Class 130 were used. Many of the trains have been rebuilt to work in different applications. Among other things, as an express train, the copies were used successfully and were able to transport people at top speeds.