Tour through the Oderland. Spring awakening in the unique landscape between Oder and Spree. Villages, forests, fields and again and again lakes and water bodies. The line to Frankfurt/Oder is or was one of the main lines of the steam locomotive class 52. It is hard to imagine today that Beeskow station was once an important transfer station. There will be some stops on the way. In Frankfurt (Oder), all passengers will have the opportunity to take a round trip on the historic tram or visit the model railway exhibition in the old tram depot. The return journey goes directly via the Berlin-Frankfurt railway back to Berlin. This is also where the tour through the Oderland ends.

Start and Finish:
Departure and arrival time:
  • S Schöneweide
  • Frankfurt (Oder)
  • 08:59 departure
  • 12:07 arrival

Train: DRB Class 52 8177
Trolley Train: Historic express train with dining car
Services: Ticket incl. Seat reservation

Timetabel (exp.)
  • Berlin-Schöneweide
  • Frankfurt (Oder)
One way:
  • 08:59
  • 12:07
Return journey:
  • 18:44
  • 16:46


89 € 1st Class
  • 2nd Class: 74 €
  • 3rd Class: 64 €


44 € 1st Class
  • 2nd Class: 29 €
  • 3rd Class: 19 €

Familys (2+4)

222 € 1st Class
  • 2nd Class: 179 €
  • 3rd Class: 149 €
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