The class 118 was built as a DR [amazon_textlink asin=’B003VNMXSU’ text=’Class V 180′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’eisenbfrbln-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’6a80fa04-d3bc-11e8-9d4c-c5b4eb392a4d’] locomotive by Karl Marx Babelsberg for the German Reichsbahn. It was the largest diesel locomotive in the GDR. The company LKM completed in 1959 with the axle formula B’B ‘the two Vorlokomotiven DR Class V 180 001 and 002. Since the GDR industry was not able to produce all the parts for the large locomotive, the locomotives still had a Voith transmission and were delivered without a boiler. These locomotives also had a multiple control of Brown, Boveri & Cie. These locomotives were not taken over into the DR and scrapped in 1965. The first series production up to V 180 087 was completed in the years 1963-1965 and received two twelve-cylinder diesel engines of the type 12 KVD 18/21-A1 in V arrangement. The nominal power of the engines was 662 KW / 900 HP each and came from the VEB engine works Johannisthal. For use on the branch lines, the BR 118 was developed with the axle formula C’C ‘and completed in 1964 as DR Class V 180 201. This was followed by 205 locomotives, which were delivered with the model number 118.

Details of DR Class V 180

Manufacturer: Lokomotivbau Karl Marx Babelsberg
Length: 19460 mm
Numbering: V 180 001-087
118 003-087
Weight: 78 t
Years of construction: 1960-1966
120 km/h
Retirement: 1995
Fuel supply: 2700 l diesel
Attraction force: 228 kN
Number: 2+85
Power: 2x 662 kW / 2x 900 hp
Motor type: 12KVD21 A-2
Train heating: Steam boiler type "Köthen"
Brake: Indirect, single-solvent,
self-acting single-chamber air brake
with high braking (Knorr type)
+ additional brake
Axis formula: B'B'
Numbering: 118 503...587
228 505...586
Weight: 79.3 t
Years of construction: 1960-1966
Attraction force: 255 kN
Number:Conversion from 118.0
Power: 2x 736 kW / 2x 1000 hp
Motor type: 12KVD21 A-3
Axis formula: B'B'
Numbering: V 180 101-182
118 101-182
228 104...182
Weight: 78.7 t
Years of construction: 1960-1966
Attraction force: 255 kN
Number: 82
Power: 2x 736 kW / 2x 1000 hp
Axis formula: B'B'
Numbering: V 180 201-399
118 201-406
228 203...390
Weight: 93.6 t
Years of construction: 1966-1970
Attraction force: 230 kN
Number: 206
Power: 2x 736 kW / 2x 1000 hp
Axis formula: C'C'
Numbering: 118 601...806
228 601...806
Weight: 95.0 t
Years of construction: 1966-1970
Attraction force: 270 kN
Number:Conversion from 118.2-4
Motor type: 12KVD21 AL4
Power: 2x 883 kW / 2x 1200 hp
Axis formula: C'C'
Interesting facts
The diesel locomotive DR Class V 180, built from 1960-66, belongs to the construction type B'B'. This type of locomotive has two bogies coupled to each other for drive purposes, each with two coupled wheelsets. The DR Class V 180, which was built from 1966-1970, belongs to the construction type C'C'. This type has two bogies coupled together in terms of drive, each with three coupled wheelsets.

More interesting facts

Versions and application of DR Class V 180

DR Class V 180 The six-axle version of the locomotive had the engine 12 KVD 18/21-A3 with 736 kW / 1000 hp drive power. In a later engine replacement, the engines were installed 12 KVD 18/21-AL4 with 883 kW / 1200 hp. In the 1980s, supercharged engines of the type 12 KVD 18/21-AL5 with 1100 KW / 1500 PS were installed. From a series conversion was nevertheless ignored.

The DR Class V 180 was used primarily in express trains. This included transit traffic from West Berlin to Germany. The DR Class V 180 was universally applicable, so that it could be used on sidings with a lighter superstructure. The machines 118 548, 550 and 552 were assigned to the government trains of the GDR. The locomotives were in April 1990 between Wannsee and Potsdam Hbf in S-Bahn-Vorlaufverkehr in use. A total of 9 of the remaining 42 machines are operational (as of November 2015). Many of these robust diesel locomotive DR Class V 180 are housed in museums.

Got Locomotives DR Class V 180:

»118 075 German Museum of Technology Berlin (largely original)
»118 118 Museum Bw Schwerin
»118 119 Museum Bw Lutherstadt Wittenberg, private
»118 141 Museum Bw Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf
»118 202 as V 240 001 Transport Museum Dresden
»118 505 was V 180 005 first production locomotive, Museum Bw Arnstadt
»118 578 Museum Bw Weimar
»118 585 Entrance ITL premises in Pirna
»118 586 Museum Bw Staßfurt
»118 617 Railway Museum Tuttlingen
»118 683 at OSEF e.V. Löbau on loan from the DB Museum Nuremberg (until 2022)
»118 692 Historic engine shed Wittenberge
»118 731 Museum Bw Weimar
»118 748 Historical engine shed Wittenberge
»118 749 Museum Bw Arnstadt
»118 770 Museum Bw Glauchau
»118 776 Museum Bw Schwarzenberg
»118 782 Museum Bw Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf