The Berlin Loop leads from Berlin-Lichtnberg to the north of Berlin. It continues in the direction of Fredersdorf. On the way, the train passes the Biesdorfer Kreuz and the Rüdersdorf cement works. There will be a stop at the museum park for about 2 hours. The journey then continues via Schönefeld, Michendorf, Seddin, Ferch Lienewitz to Lichterfelde West to the Zehelndorfer Eisenbahn (Goerzbahn). There you can admire various small locomotives and other rail vehicles of the Märkische Kleinbahn. After the visit, the journey continues via Berlin Wannsee back to Lichtenberg, where the journey ends.

We wish you a pleasant journey!

Train locomotive: DRB Class 52 8131
Carriage train: Traditional train with dining car
Services: Seat reservation and admission to Museumspark Rüdersdorf

1st class2nd class 3rd class
Adults: 74 EUR 64 EUR 59 EUR
Children (6-14 years): 19 EUR 19 EUR 19 EUR
Families (2+4): 169 EUR 149 EUR 139 EUR

Schedule (exp.) Outward trip Return trip
Berlin-Lichtenberg: 09:03 h 17:22 h