For those who do not want to visit the railroad museum in Letschin, they can ride on the platforms of the Donnerbüchsen. The ride goes from Letschin to Küstrin-Kietz.
Once in Küstrin-Kietz, the steam locomotive sits at the other end of the train and heads back to Letschin. This short ride is ideal for families with children who want to travel by steam train for the first time.


We wish you a good trip!


Train locomotive: DRB Class 52 8131 (Berlin – Letschien/Küstrin-K. – Berlin)
Carriage train: thunderbox train with dining car
Services: without seat reservation


Adults:from 19 EUR
Children (6-14 years):from 10 EUR
Families (2+4):from 50 EUR


Shedule (exp.)Outward tripReturn trip
Letschin:12:15 Uhr13:45 Uhr
Küstrin-Kietz:12:50 Uhr13:10 Uhr