On the former Prussian Eastern Railway, the journey first leads to Fredersdorf. Here the tracks of the museum park and to the lime works begin. During the ride,
you can enjoy the views of the Rüdersdorf lime works. The tour then continues via Straußberg to Müncheberg, where you change to the tracks of the Buckower Kleinbahn.
In Buckow you can then visit the museum of the Buckower Kleinbahn or the Brecht-Weigel-Haus or take a boat trip on Lake Schermützel.


We wish you a good trip!


Train locomotive: DRB Class 52 8131 (Schöneweide – Buckow – Schöneweide)
Carriage train: Historic express train with dining car
Specials: Ride on the Buckower Kleinbahn and admission to the museum

2nd Class fabric2nd Class leather/3rd Class wood4th Class wood
Adults:64 EUR54 EUR49 EUR
Childrens (6-14 Years):19 EUR14 EUR14 EUR
Families (2+4):149 EUR124 EUR114 EUR


Shedule (exp.)Outward tripReturn trip
Berlin-Schöneweide:08:43 h17:41 h
Berlin-Ostkreuz DB:08:54 h17:28 h
Berlin-Lichtenberg:09:10 h17:15 h
Buckow:13:15 h15:30 h