The round trips always start at Ostbahnhof station and first head east via Ostkreuz, Rummelsburg and Karlshorst, where the outer ring is reached at Wuhlheide. The train follows the outer ring until it reaches the junction at
Wenderheide near Adlershof. Passing Schöneweide depot, the train reaches Ostkreuz again, but this time on the upper level and then rolls into Rummelsburg depot, where ICE and IC trains are staged.
At the Rummelsburg depot there is a change of direction. Afterwards, the Bahnhof Ostbahnhof and the end of the round trip is reached.


We wish you a good trip from Ostbahnhof station!


Train locomotive: DRB Class 52 8177
Carriage train: Historic express train with dining car
Specials: Ticket without seat reservation

Adults:24 EUR
Children (6-14 years):10 EUR
Families (2+4):60 EUR


Schedule (exp.)
1st trip:East station: 10:30 hEast station: 11:45 h
2nd trip:East station: 12:30 hEast station: 13:45 h
3rd trip:East station: 14:30 hEast station: 15:45 h