In 2013, the Löwenberg - Templin line celebrated its 125th anniversary. The line was modernised, unlike many other branch lines in Brandenburg. For steam locomotive rides this is one of the most beautiful routes north of Berlin. Don't miss this opportunity.

We wish you a good trip!

Train locomtive: DRG Class 03 2155 (Zehdenick - Templin - Zehdenick)
Car train: Historic express train with dining car
Services: Journeys without seat reservation

Adults:15 EUR
Childrens (6-14 Years):10 EUR
Families (2+4):40 EUR

Shedule (exp.)
1st drive there:Zehdenick: 09:35 hTemplin: 10:00 h
1st drive back:Templin: 11:45 hZehdenick: 12:15 h
2nd drive there:Zehdenick: 12:35 hTemplin: 13:00 h
2nd drive back:Templin: 14:45 hZehdenick: 15:15 h
3rd drive there:Zehdenick: 15:35 hTemplin: 16:00 h
3rd drive back:Templin: 16:45 hZehdenick: 17:15 h