Parallel to the S-Bahn over the inner ring and across Berlin’s Grunewald forest, the special train with steam locomotive 52 8177 commutes three times as City shuttle. Experience a change of city scenery and the Havel lakes. You can also choose where to get on or off the train.
After a three-hour journey on the nostalgic train, the train returns to its starting point.

We wish you a pleasant journey with the City shuttle!


Train locomotive: DRB Class 52 8177
Carriage train: Berlin traditional train and dining car


Adults:29 EUR
Children (6-14 years):14 EUR
Families (2+4):72 EUR
Day ticket:60 EUR


Schedule (exp.)Train 1Train 3Train 5
Berlin-Lichtenberg:09:15 h12:15 h16:15 h
Berlin Gesundbrunnen:09:30 h12:30 h16:30 h
Berlin-Wannsee:10:00 h13:00 h17:00 h
Potsdam Hbf:10:40 h13:40 h17:40 h
Schedule (exp.)Train 2Train 4Train 6
Potsdam Hbf:10:45 h14:45 h17:45 h
Berlin-Wannsee:11:00 h15:00 h18:00 h
Berlin Gesundbrunnen:11:30 h15:30 h18:30 h
Berlin-Lichtenberg:12:00 h16:00 h18:45 h
Berlin-Schöneweide:19:00 h