Im Bereich Wissenswertes, dem kleinen aber feinen Lexikon in Sachen Eisenbahn, erfahren Sie alles zu Themen wie Dampflokarten, Signabilder, Sicherheitssysteme bei der Bahn uvw.

The DRG locomotive types was a designation system for steam locomotives () of the Deutsche Bahn and was introduced in 1924. With this system it was possible to mark locomotives of various designs with the same operating characteristics. This resulted in a relief in the use of different steam locomotives former railways.

The system consisted of four parts:

1. A letter from the table below that specifies the type of loco (express locomotive, passenger train locomotive, etc.).
2. A mostly two-digit number, which indicates in its first position the number of coupled axles and in the second the total number of axles of the locomotive. The axles of tug-towers are not considered.
3. Separated by a point, the axle load of the drive axles is given in tonnes.
4. If the clearance gauge is exceeded by parts belonging to the vehicle, then this is indicated by a triangle above the axle load. If only a removable chimney tower protrudes above the clearance gauge, this will be indicated by an additional bar above the apex of the triangle above the axle load (see photos in the gallery).

The DRG locomotive types can also be applied to the electric locomotives. Since electric locomotives (electric locomotives) are more universally applicable, this project was abandoned.

Table with steam cycles
Principal class Strain number


Fast train locomotives S 01 – 19
Passenger locomotives P 20 – 39
Freight locomotives G 40 – 59
Express and passenger train tender locomotives St u. Pt 60 – 79
Freight tank locomotives Gt 80 – 96
Zahnradlokomotiven Z 97
Local train locomotives L 98
Narrow gauge locomotives K 99